“We’ll Call it Time Well Spent” – 10 years of You Me At Six

On the 6th October 2008, You Me at Six released their debut album “Take Off Your Colours”. Since then they’ve released 5 further albums, all of which hit the top 5 UK records, had a number one album, toured with the likes of Fall Out Boy and Thirty Seconds to Mars, sold out headline tours and played at infamous festivals like Reading & Leeds. In celebration of their eventful 10 years in the industry, YMA6 recently embarked on an anniversary tour which took us back to the 2000’s. Despite their changing sound, the five-piece delivered epic performances of their pop-punk classics. Interspersed with their newer indie tracks, the show was something to be remembered. Hearing the 20-somethings perform the tracks they recorded at 16/17 , it was impossible to ignore how far they had come. So, after recovering from their breath-taking show at Brixton Academy, we are taking a look back through their albums to see how we got to their latest release “VI”.

Photo courtesy of Thomas Lisle Brooker

Chart Peak: 25

Best Track: Toss up between “Save it for the Bedroom” and “The Rumour”

Lyrical geniuses?“You play the lady, I’ll play the gent. We will call it time well-spent.” // “You’ve made your bed, so sleep with him. But know I’m the best you’ll get” // “If it hurts this much, then it must be love”  Did I mention Franchesci wrote these songs at 16?!?

Best Bit?: THAT attempt at screamo during The Rumour 


Chart Peak: 5

Best Track: “Fireworks” – Once you’ve seen it live (and cried) you’ll know

Lyrical geniuses?: “If one can drink can make tonight slip your mind, then you should drink up so you can convince yourself that I’m cute” // “You”ve got a lot to say for the one that walked away”

Stand out moment?: “Liquid Confidence” winning best single at the Kerrang! Awards in 2012 and Josh’s “I don’t know who you AREEEEE” in Fireworks


Chart Peak: 3

Best Track(s): “Loverboy” “Reckless” and “No One Does it Better”

Lyrical geniuses?: “Your past has you in a choke hold, but you deserve it from what I’ve been told” 

Stand out moment?: DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH I’M NOT LOSING SLEEP OVER YOU + Oli Sykes in “Bite My Tongue”!


Chart Peak: number 1 BABY

Best Track: As their best album I want to say all of them. But if I must, I’d say “Room to Breathe” “Hope for the Best” “Fresh Start Fever” “Lived a Lie” & “Love Me Like You Used To” … and that’s almost half the album… oops

Lyrical geniuses?: Not exactly, but the music makes this album. Favourite lyrics however include: “Can we forgive and forget, if only for the weekend.” 

Stand out moment?: This is the first album where YMAS begin to sound like the band we recognise them to be today – so the whole album is stand out.


Chart Peak: 3

Best Track: “Swear”

Lyrical geniuses?: .… not this time boys. Although “And if your past calls, don’t you pick it up, it’s got nothing new to say”  is close.

Stand out moment?: Despite mixed reviews, and Josh Franceschi himself saying “I don’t think we managed to deliver what we wanted to”, Night People did deliver a few good tracks. Including “Take on the World” – yet another stunning ballad. For a rock band, these boys do romance so well.


Chart Peak: 5

Best Track: “Back Again” & “3AM” = creative, upbeat indie bangers. Then there are “Fast Forward” and “Predictable” which echo classic Sinners Never Sleep tracks.

Lyrical geniuses?: Not their best, but the production and overall sound IS. Shout out to “A screenshot of youth, tequila infused, battleground for the truth”  from “Straight to My Head”

Stand out moment?: The BASS in “I O U” ! Hands down. Plus the whole indie-alternative vibe of lead singles “3AM” & “Back Again” . This album has a much more mainstream / indie (rather than rock/punk) sound than previous releases, and I am so here for it.