3, 2, 1… The Best Performances at Bestival, According to ALEXA


There were performances going on left, right and centre for the whole 4-days of Bestival. Almost too many to handle. And while no one (sadly, including myself) could adopt magical qualities of teleportation to make sure all gigs were covered, I’m going to let you know who impressed me the most out of the whole cirque du soleil-themed summer fest, including what artists left me intrigued for more.


  1. In a steady third place is an artist you may never have heard of before – the cool and slightly naive Formed of one man renamed as the slicker Mellah, Liam Ramsden (with a bunch of mates helping him along the way), he took to the DIY Vans stage on Sunday afternoon to a mediocre crowd, spread out few and far between over the audience space. To say the least, with the number of people there it could have been a little awkward. Yet the cute, quirky collective came alive when they performed their EP tracks – the likes of Paseo and Submission, with my personal favourite being the rhythmically soothing Numb. So, it’s best we all keep an eye out for this act in the near future. They’re too good not to be returning to a far bigger stage with a far larger audience in future Bestival years.


  1. My second place might come as a bit of a shock to you all… this woman – nay, Queen – will come first in the majority of Bestival-goer’s eyes. But alas, she comes an infinitesimally close second place in mine… it is the one and only, the truly MAGICAL Grace Jones. Her performance was nothing less than extraordinary. Her stealth, artistic nature, and unfaltering voice all added up to her arguably being the most admirable performer of the weekend. I mean she performed the whole of Slave to the Rhythm whilst hoola hooping, for goodness sake. Saying this, when it comes to Grace this was all expected – she’s never let anyone down when performing (at least not to my knowledge). Ever. Which is my reason for putting her second and not first. She wasn’t anything less than deserving of the number one spot, but I came to Bestival knowing she would be worthy of claiming it. And the best things in life are unexpected…. right?


  1. So that leaves me with the most unparalleled performance of the weekend. And the fact is that so many people could have got it. But there was something purely wonderful about the act that I’ve picked. They had the best energy I witnessed over the whole weekend (and that’s saying something, see above re Grace Jones) – with the best part being they looked like they were loving performing almost as much as the spectators watching them. And if there’s one thing I know it’s that as a regular gig-goer, you can bloody well tell when the artist wants to be there and when they don’t.


SO, drumroll please… the number one spot goes to…. the almighty… BAD SOUNDS!!!!! If you’ve never heard of them, that’s okay. But get googling. They’re a five-piece up-and-coming band who still have the excitement of releasing their debut album in August (the 18th). The singles they’ve already released from Get Better only make you hungry for more (the likes of Evil Powers, Milk It and Honestly), which all came ALIVE when they performed them on the House of Vans stage.


Ultimately, Bad Sounds earned my number one festival performance because they were so much damn FUN. And there’s nothing I love more. They’re the kind of guys that take everything in life with a pinch of salt. Which, of course, suits the Besti vibes down to a T.