Author: Heidi Hamilton

Mamma Mia 2 – a musical sadder than Les Miserables?

Okay first up – this review is NOT spoiler free. You have been warned. Secondly: my initial reaction to this movie has not stopped me from listening to solely ABBA for the last week nor from booking tickets to see the movie again. Ready? Let’s dive into it.   Mamma Mia 2 – Here We…
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July 29, 2018 0

A Chat About Tommy G’s Lighting Matches

What’s with all they hype around this “proper lad but one you would take home to your mum” ? We checked in with our Queen of Music Layla Davis to find out what she had to say about Mr Grennan and his debut album.

July 16, 2018 0

KCL Radio goes to Isle of Wight Festival

A sea of gold and glitter clad campers descended upon a tiny island off the coast of the UK. 60,000 people filled a sun-soaked seaclose park in search of incredible rock and roll music.

June 26, 2018 0