Committee Bio: Layla Davis

Name:Layla Davis
From:Halifax, West Yorkshire
Position:Music Editor - "Queen of Music"
In charge of music programming, music presenters and co-ordinates music-based events; organises press opportunities, listens to all submissions sent to the station.
Nickname(s):Diamond Davis (one of my middle names is Dymond)
Which show(s) do you host?Tune In Find Out, Tune In Chill Out
Favourite song:"I'm Only Sleeping" - The Beatles
Favourite album:"Revolver" - The Beatles, "Forever Changes" – Love, "S.F. Sorrow" – The Pretty Things, "Debut" – Bjork, "Förgänglighet" - Akervinda
Favourite movie:Nosferatu, Bullitt, Morvern Callar
Favourite TV series:Il commissario Montalbano
Quote to live by:"Love breeds love, hate breeds hate." – my mum, "Never go out with a musician." - also my mum