Let’s talk music videos #1

Hiya!! I’m Holly (the new Head of Social Media and Publicity for the 2018/19 committee and host of Losing Our Edge) and since this is my inaugural post on the KCL Radio blog I thought I’d just write about something I love which is music videos. As much as I love music as an art form in itself, I really believe that when you combine it with visuals there is a different level of feeling that is able to be conveyed that might not be understood with just the auditory experience. Plus lots of them are really super pretty and I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So here are a few of my faves (I’ve limited myself to 6 otherwise this post would be endless but I’m sure I’ll write about more soon)


We start off with one of my favourite songs ever by my favourite band ever and the music video does not disappoint!! Not only do we get almost 6 iconic minutes of alt-queen Régine Chassagne dancing without a care in the world but she does it in costumes constructed from paper, tinsel and neon lights. This is one of those videos that truly captures the type of euphoria that I feel when I’m dancing to this song.




Even though the video doesn’t really have anything to do with the song, Oscar hooked me from the get-go with the strong Wes Anderson/Rushmore (1998) vibes. Also, music videos that feature elderly people are usually pretty good I think that’s just a general rule and I love artists that don’t take themselves too seriously.






“YOU AIN’T GOING TO HEAVEN, ‘CAUSE I’M DRAGGING YOU DOWN TO HELL!!!!!!” This video is a perfect accompaniment to perhaps the angstiest song they’d written to date (pre-Yuk Foo ofc) and allows for some truly cheesy acting to top it off.



We LOVE a good block pastel colour combo and SWMRS deliver in this vid. The pastels are great, the retro editing is great, there’s footage of someone eating intricately iced cake with their hands – what more could you want?! It also stars Andrea Granera who is a wonderful artist in her own right and really embodies the attitude of this song and band.



Last but not least is a shout-out to my fave synth-pop-witch who released this banger long before Elon Musk entered the picture and ruined the fun. This is another one of those vids that is pretty simple in that it’s mostly Grimes dancing in various settings but the surface level carefree nature of it coupled with the lyrical undertones of dangerous masculinity and sexual violence echoed in her surroundings is haunting and will stay with you.

<3 Holly xxx