Privacy Policy

KCL Radio takes the privacy of its audience seriously. The following page outlines the basics of how and why we collect data of visitors to this site. In brief, we collect anonymous data to help us better understand our audience and to understand how to improve our services for our audience. Furthermore, 3rd parties, such as social media sharing links and information boxes are included in this site. They may also make use of data they’ve collected on you. This is beyond our control, however, we do not share anything with them beyond the fact you’ve visited our site.


A cookie or, in more modern browser, local storage is a place where websites you visit can store information on your device between visits. A cookie is only stored on your device and isn’t normally shared between devices, although if you use a browser such a google chrome where it’s possible to login, they may place the same cookie on different devices.

Cookies are used for a number of reasons, they can help websites track you between visits, or store your shopping cart on e-commerce sites between visits, they may also be used to keep you logged in whilst you’re using online services. Cookies are a core part of how the modern web works.

Why do KCL Radio use them?

KCL Radio use cookies for one main purpose, tracking who visits our site. We do not track personal information such as first names and last names, but rather more generic information such as what browser you use and what region you’ve logged in from. This is data that’s readily available to any website when you use it. For our DJs and committee members who have accounts with our website, you may also have a cookie stored on your machine whilst you’ve logged in with us, but this is normally removed once you log out.

KCL Radio does not place advertising on its site at this point in time and, as such, we do not make use of advertising tracking cookies. Advertising Tracking cookies are cookies used to identify you as a web user and understand previous websites you’ve visited to create targeted adverts. For example if you visit an e-shopping page for sneakers, you may find websites with adverts showing you adverts for sneakers.

KCL Radio does however, integrate some services from third party sites, typically social media sites. These third party integrations may use already existing cookies from their site in order to track you. For example, if you are a member of a social media site to which you are currently logged in, then you visit another site which has an integration from that social media site, then that social media site may show you a personalised integration based on who you are, perhaps by showing friends who have also liked our social media profile.

Third party integrations may make use of the fact that you visited our site in order to better target advertising towards you. For example, because you’ve visited a radio site they may advertise other radio sites or music streaming services. This is again used through cookies. Whilst we only collect anonymous data about our users, they may track more information. If you are unsure, you should visit their Privacy Policy page to better understand what data they are collecting.

I don’t want cookies…

Cookies will automatically be added to your machine by our site, in order to perform the tasks that we’ve outlined in this policy. We cannot stop cookies from being added to a machine on a per user basis, as – rather ironically – the only way we could know not to add cookies to your machine was if we placed a cookie on it to tell us. That said, some browsers and browser plugins allow you to block cookies. Again, we can’t give you specific directions about your browser, but if cookies are a concern then it may be worth looking into.

If you decide to block cookies, some of our services may not work. Primarily this will most likely be logging in for our DJs and Committee Members, however, our online Radio player may also be affected depending on your browser and what cookies you specifically block. We do not test our services without cookies whilst developing our services and therefore make no guarantee as to their functionality

More information

We have tried our best to explain our Privacy Policy and how we put this into practice, however, you may still have more questions. For more information on cookies, including why we have to advertise the fact that we have cookies on our site, check out the Information Commissioner’s office website¬†or alternatively, check out their specific page on cookies