The King’s Christmas Message

Since becoming KCL Radio’s Station Manager in April, I’ll have you know I’ve enjoyed a little bit of a higher profile. For example, I’ve often heard that I have a voice for radio, which is a lovely compliment. I’m less welcoming of people saying I have a face for radio, but that’s a different matter.

That kicked off the #KCLRadioSummer which saw the fabulous new committee travel the world armed with fresh KCL Radio stickers. From Goa to Hollywood, we managed to put those stickers up on every corner of the globe. I have a feeling that the vibe was lost a bit on the Hungarian locals who would have seen a few of them around Budapest, but exposure is exposure.

This coincided with the World Cup, which – as you can see – we really enjoyed as a committee (sorry, Colombia) and the mania of festival season.

We rolled into Freshers Fair armed with 300 tubs of Ben and Jerry’s which made us very popular, especially amongst the KCLSU staff, for a couple of afternoons.

That week, we also held our first social of the year, “Pitch and a Pint”, and I’ve never seen our studio – the old one or the new one – so packed before. Neither have I seen Shakespeare’s Head so full, but again that’s really less of my problem.

Admittedly, the first few weeks of the term were very difficult on account of the Big Move not going as well as we assumed it had. It may please you to know that I’m now on first name terms with the KCLSU IT Helpdesk team, though this was not intended. As you can imagine, those times were tough. Between constantly sending follow-up emails, I was hoping for our problems to be solved at the literal click of a button. Days went on end without any resolution in sight, and it became quite demoralising.

It times like those when you realise the value of a strong support network who you can count on. I’m so grateful to the KCL Radio committee for working as hard as they did throughout the early October weeks to make sure that we could get on-air as soon as possible. And while we knew we couldn’t, the committee put so much of the framework in place beforehand to make sure – when it finally happened – it’d be like we’d never missed a minute.

In a weird way, it was more a relief than a joyful thing when we finally did get back online permanently. Before we could celebrate too much, in fact, we had the night off at the 2018 SRA Awards. Boosted by free wine, an hour of open bar and some cracking performances by Tom Grennan and Wild Front, it was a wonderful evening topped off by Heidi claiming the Bronze Award for Best Newcomer and us all going crazy. For certain, it was the most fun I’ve had all year.

2019 is now firmly in our sights, and there’s plenty on my list for KCL Radio to come up soon. I’d love to get the blog going a little more, while it’s always been an aim of mine to expand on our international links. I’d like for us to push forward with our marketing promotions and I’m looking forward to getting some reps in with the new microphones as we prepare for the KCLSU spring elections and Varsity.

As we look forward to the new year, I have a message especially for our presenters: I hope you enjoy being a part of KCL Radio as much as I do.

This society has been the better part of my university life for two years now. There have been hard times but so many better ones. We have a truly amazing core of presenters, old and new, who continue to improve and constantly want to improve. And what I can promise I’ll always work to do what’s best for all of them.

Happy holidays one and all,

The King of the Station