A Chat About Tommy G’s Lighting Matches

What’s with all they hype around this “proper lad but one you would take home to your mum” ? Heidi checked in with our Queen of Music Layla Davis to find out what she had to say about Mr Grennan and his debut album.

Layla: Ngl am surprised he is including a bunch of tracks from EPs


Heidi: I thought that! 8/16 of the tracks have previously been released! But they are bomb. A full length album is hard to realise and to build hype/get him exposure he’s been releasing his best over the past year. I think there’s one song from each EP on it right?
I got very Paulo Nutini but kinda gruffer vibes?

Layla: I agree but his first EP was end of 2016 (I did interview with him on release of Something in the Water EP). And hype was built pre that for chase and status single! Equally he has needed to distance himself from chase and status because clearly he is feeling more of a blues thing rather than electronic sesh

Heidi: Wait what ?! Oh my god cheeky link us will ya? (for those of you who don’t know Layla is an unknown music god and as you can see is always miles ahead of the game. She interviewed Grennan back in 2016!) I completely forgot he did that single! I just realised he’s snuck the acoustic version in there – I guess more fitting to the vibes than the original. Sneaky sneaky Tom. I do feel like he had a definite vibe and theme he wanted to follow which I love. Its a genuine collection that goes together
He seems like such an old soul but I feel like you can tell he doesn’t have the life experiences yet ? His voice doesn’t quite have the edge – do you get me?

Layla: I don’t think it made it to Mixcloud, will send you the mp3 when on laptop! He talked a lot about what to expect from new album. I completely disagree about the old soul part though! It’s an album of anthems for the early 20’s. It’s so lonely in places but with this weird sense of ultimate hope.

I guess the old soul part in a sense maybe comes from the fact that for such a modern and young guy it has such a classic sound to it? I don’t know – that’s my first glass of wine into it!
Heidi: Nah I get you but I think also from when I saw him live – his physical style along with his sound gives me such classic vibes. Classics probably a better way to put it that old soul. But no wayyyy – my mum is just as much a fan of this album as me! It’s not’s just an album for the 20’s -but there are some true anthems on there I will give you that!
I think it’s interesting you say about how lonely it is – there’s some really interesting lines like “more than likely you don’t even like me” which when you read it is so gutting. He’s got such presence and confidence live and you have to to pull off big songs like that but then lyrics like that are snuck in there!
Alright, favourite song on the album? 
Layla: It is so funny you say your mum is a fan, my mum loves him too! She was genuinely excited for his new stuff, saying he is one of the few singers nowadays she really likes. High praise for a lady who used to work in the music industry!
I still stick by the 20s anthems though. They are just too relatable. For that reason I have to say out of the new tracks Lighting Matches is my fave but Something in the Water will always be one of my faves because it’s from his first EP which I just adore. Seeing him live is fab. I saw him at his sold out Bush Hall gig last year and he was so charming onstage. A proper lad but one of them you would take home to meet your mum if you feel me!
Heidi: I think Aboard is my current favourite but it changes daily. The whole thing is excellently crafted.