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Welcome to KCL Radio!

Hey, this is Tash - the Controller of KCL Radio 😁

The purpose of this post is to outline key information about our organisation, and to explain how we operate. If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment underneath. At KCL Radio, our aims and objectives are:

i. to provide a music, news, information and entertainment service through live radio and recorded podcasts; ii. to provide facilities, equipment, and training for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in radio broadcasting or in other forms of media; iii. to provide a broadcasting service to integrate the students of King’s College London (hereinafter “KCL”) and the local community by online broadcasting and other forms of media; iv. to provide a safe space that does not offend or discriminate against any person with regards to the Nine Protected Characteristics referenced in the Equality Act 2010; v. to provide an environment that promotes a community based around Radio production and broadcasting; vi. to provide opportunities for interviewing, reviewing, and recording bands and musicians; and vii. to support education in radio and media production, and provide network links to other radio stations and media groups through membership to affiliate bodies such as the Student Radio Association (hereinafter “SRA”) and the Student Music Network (hereinafter “SMN”). These aims are to be pursued independent of any political organisation or religious body,including King’s College London Students’ Union (hereinafter “KCLSU” or “SU”).

Memberships: Membership of the Station is divided into the following categories:

i. Annual Radio Membership (“Annual Radio”) and Annual Podcast Membership (“Annual Podcast”), which:

a. expires at the end of the academic year; and b. must be renewed annually.

ii. Semester Radio Membership (“Semester Radio”) and Semester Podcast Membership (“Semester Podcast”), which:

a. expires at the end of the semester of joining; and b. must be renewed at the end of the semester.

iii. Annual Associate Radio (“Associate Radio”) and Annual Associate Podcast Membership (“Associate Podcast”), which:

a. is only valid for non-KCL students/staff. b. Expires at the end of the academic year; and c. must be renewed annually.


1/ Purchasing a ‘One-off’ recording session in the podcast suite is not a type of membership.Any member of KCLSU is eligible for Radio or Podcast Membership. 2/ Non-members may be granted Associate Membership through consulting the Station Manager. 3/ Any member of the Station may attend and vote at Annual/Special/Extraordinary General Meetings. 4/ Members may only attend and vote at Board Meetings if they are part of the core committee. 5/ Radio and Podcast members are required to pay Station membership dues. 6/ Membership entitlements are only valid once the required membership dues are paid. 7/ By making the membership payment, members are accountable to the Board in regards to all relevant Station policy.


The Station may be affiliated to the following organisations: i. the Student Radio Association; ii. the Student Music Network; iii. BBC Introducing Official affiliations to any other organisation may only be agreed upon through a supermajority vote of the Board.

Your committee: KCL Radio in run by volunteers, comprising a friendly committee! For the 2023-24 academic year: *Station Manager Tash Bandara Programme Controller Tash Bandara

Treasurer Tash Bandara Webmaster Tash Bandara Head of Operations Tash Bandara Head of Programming Tash Bandara

Head of Station Sound Tash Bandara

*Head of Music Rhea Rambocus Head of Interviews Rhea Rambocus *Head of Radio Lily Howe Head of Entertainment Lily Howe Head of Events Lily Howe *Head of Podcasts Clémence Rebora Head of Varsity Team Clémence Rebora *Head of Media & Socials Maisie Crawford Head of Branding Maisie Crawford

*Head of Tech Ali Gibson

note: * primary role.

The Station Manager will: i. have creative and managerial responsibility for coordinating the running and development of the station, within strategic aims agreed with KCLSU’s Media & Arts Coordinator. ii. maintain effective relationships with:

a. other external radio bodies, such as Ofcom, the SRA, and the SMN; b. the wider music industry; c. independent radio production teams; d. the Students’ Union; and e. the College.

iii. coordinate the jobs outlined for the Board, and oversee technical and safety matters; iv. ensure that the Station adheres to its Constitution; v. present a written report, in conjunction with the Treasurer, to the Annual General Meeting. vi. manage the Station’s finances in conjunction with the Treasurer; viii. co-sign any and all marketing agreements made by the Station; ix. encourage active collaboration and participation with other KCLSU Student Media groups; x. nurture and support new & returning on-air talent, to re-invigorate KCL Radio’s content, priorities, style, tone and presentation; xi. develop and sustain a strong pool of producers, continually seeking out original and fresh production talent; and xii. commission experimental, mixed music and speech programmes of unrivalled ambition, to deliver a schedule that boasts range and distinction; and xiii. create broadcasting schedules for each semester, developing application processes for new and returning presenters. xiv. assist the Head of Tech in training new and returning presenters with a mandatory induction. The Treasurer will: i. assist the Station Manager in the running of the Station; ii. deputise for the Station Manager in their absence; iii. be responsible for market research and coordinate advertising, publicity and promotions for the Station; iv. in conjunction with the Station Manager, present a written report to the Board at the General Meeting at each academic term; v. be responsible for the KCL Radio budget, and approve/deny expense requests; vi. in conjunction with the Station Manager, encourage active collaboration and participation between the Station and other Media Outlets of the Students’ Union; and vii. work with the Station Manager, giving input to the budgeting of the station’s funds; and viii. apply for any funding windows offered by KCLSU. The Head of Music will: i. lead the Music & Interview subteam, and chair their meetings, who shall assist in the writing of music reviews, interviewing artists, reviewing concerts, the compilation of playlists and uploading music to the playout system; ii. meet with the incoming Station Manager before the start of the academic year and agree on a policy for playlists and music uploads for the year; iii. be responsible for producing weekly playlists for use on air during both term time and out of term time (but at a lower frequency); iv. be responsible for the maintenance of music on the playout system, including regular updates of a variety of new music and auditing tracks for quality purposes; v. liaise with appropriate labels and businesses to source music as well as liaising with artists and venues to organise press passes for interviews and reviews; vi. upload music reviews, interviews and weekly playlists to the website on a regular basis; and vii. ensure the Station’s music output abides by the Station’s rules and regulations, and does not include abusive, racist or non-inclusive language. viii. sift through emails sent to the Station’s music inboxes from artists and PR agencies, and download suitable tracks for the weekly playlist. The Head of Radio will: i. meet with the incoming Station Manager before the start of the academic year and draft a list of events and outside broadcasts for the year; ii. coordinate and lead the running of the Station’s social and core events (such as Varsity), both on and off campus; iii. be the main point of contact for all radio show hosts, making sure all questions are answered or passed onto the Station Manager; iv. working with the Head of Music & Head of Podcasts to find interview opportunities and press passes; v. regularly having meetings with members to discuss their shows, their ideas for the year, and how best to develop them; and vi. give advice on how to run and set up radio shows, how to reach larger audiences, and how to best publicise a programme. The Head of Podcasts will: i. meet with the incoming Station Manager before the start of the academic year and draft a list of special podcasting episodes and events for the year; ii. be the main point of contact for all podcasts hosts, making sure all questions are answered or passed onto the Station Manager. iv. working with the Head of Music & Head of Radio to find interview opportunities and press passes. v. regularly having meetings with members to discuss their podcasts, their ideas for the year, and how best to develop them. vi. give advice on how to run and set up interviews, how to reach larger audiences, and how to best publicise a programme. The Head of Media will: i. meet with the incoming Station Manager through the academic year and agree on a:

a. set of station advertising targets for the year b. set of targets for show publicity for the year c. set of audio/visual content targets for the year

ii. be responsible for the regular production, editing and uploading of content to the Station’s social media, e.g. Instagram and Twitter/X; iii. liaise with members to ensure they are familiar with how to create appropriate visual content to form their programme graphic; iv. be aware of the legalities concerning social media policies and guidelines e.g. copyright and content strikes; v. be responsible for executing publicity drives, including: a. online posters and leaflets b. on the Station’s website and social media vi. be responsible for the maintenance of the Station’s website, in conjunction with the Station Manager and Head of Tech. vii. liaise with relevant board members to ensure that the website is regularly updated with presenter/show information, contact details of board members, news articles, music articles, weekly playlists, audio clips etc. viii. be responsible for the development of the Station’s online branding and design. The Head of Tech will: i. be responsible for maintaining the hardware & software in the studio, and provide the required training to presenter and co-hosts; ii. meet with the incoming Station Manager before the start of the academic year and agree on a training programme for presenters, an update on the studio tech situation, as well as a set of targets for the upcoming year; iii. ensure that all presenters have completed an induction and are well trained in the basics of broadcasting prior to the start of the schedule; iv. provide re-training sessions to members throughout the year where necessary, including Board members; v. ensure that members of the Board Committee are trained in more advanced techniques so that they may provide ongoing training and support to presenters; v. be responsible for the installation and maintenance of all computers, servers and software owned by the Station; vi. liaise with KCLSU’s IT/tech teams to ensure that any computers, servers and software falling under the SU’s remit is properly maintained and kept in working order; and vii. respond to any tech queries raised, by email or through #tech-help on the Station’s Discord server, as soon as possible. If they are unable to help at that moment, refer the query to the Station Manager or the wider committee so the issue can be addressed immediately. Conduct & Disciplinary Action: All members are liable to disciplinary action if they breach any policy, rule, or reasonable instruction given by a member of the Board. Members are responsible for ensuring their guests abide by the relevant policy when they are in the Media Suite. Members are able to make allegations of misconduct against another member by writing to the Station Manager. The Station Manager will be responsible for leading investigations into misconduct. Allegations of misconduct against the Station Manager must be reported under the summary complaints procedure of the SU, avoiding conflict of interest. The Station Manager may suspend membership entitlements after an allegation of misconduct is made, or in response to an ongoing incident, to ensure that risk is appropriately controlled with regards to the station. The member may appeal to the Station Manager, who has the ability to restore membership entitlements. During an investigation into alleged misconduct, the Board Committee may determine that an allegation of misconduct should be referred to another body, such as KCLSU, the College, or the relevant authorities. Health and Safety: The Station acknowledges its duty of care to its members, and will abide by KCLSU’s Health & Safety Policy, and KCL’s Health, Safety & Welfare Policy. The Station Manager submits an annual Risk Assessment to KCLSU for all core activities, and additional Risk Assessments for any activities lying outside of the Station’s core activities.

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