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Media Suite  ○  SE Wing - Bush House  ○  300 Strand  ○  London  ○  WC2R 1AE

KCL Radio is the student radio station for King's College London, part of the University of London. Founded in 2009, it is now one of the most heavily listened to student radio stations in London.

Every aspect of the station is run by students of the University - from presenting, producing to operations and administration as part of the committee. The content is primarily geared towards engaging with the student community at King's.

We broadcast over 60 hours of high quality original programming every week during term time, all coordinated from our local studio facilities, and covering diverse genres from specialist music to sport commentating.

KCL Radio aims to run several large-scale outside broadcasts each year: sports events such as the London Varsity, as well as coverage from gigs and festivals. We hold socials for members and freshers, and even raised money for Comic Relief in early 2023 by completing a 24-hour continuous live broadcast.

Despite these brilliant achievements, KCL Radio remains an environment in which people can learn the ins and outs of broadcasting. Anyone associated with the University can undertake training, the programme for which covers presenting, technology and production. Once trained, people go on to produce and present shows on the station, and in many cases join the friendly and flourishing KCL Radio committee.

To find out more about the station or to get an answer to any question you might have,
please email our committee at


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KCL Radio is part of KCLSU, a registered charity: No. 1136729.
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