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Media Suite  ○  SE Wing - Bush House  ○  300 Strand  ○  London  ○  WC2R 1AE

KCL Radio began as a podcast-only society, founded by Fran Allfrey in June 2009. Upon meeting technical brain James Owers, the society began to take shape. The society was ratified in September 2009 and christened The Pod (it was not permitted to be called KCL Radio as there was no live stream).

A band of reckless, unruly but dedicated individuals was assembled and operations began from a small and loud computer in the depths of the Chesham Building (Strand Campus) in October 2009. The KCLSU student newspaper ROAR! accommodated us so warmly in their office.

Student member Jerone Andrews created our first website, which was published on 4th November 2009, alongside our first issue of podcasts. 

Covid-19 didn't stop us! Our schedule ran as normal, but with students broadcasting from home (the wonders of the internet, eh?) 

In 2021, KCL Radio returned to the studio, albeit in a 'podcast-only' format only (for the first time since 2009). We got back on our feet, and returned via Icecast to live programming in late 2022. After a few unfortunate hiccups over the summer, we are currently broadcasting (thanks to Jamie W) via the Insanity network. 

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Media and Arts Development Coordinator at KCLSU, Phoebe Carey, for her invaluable help and support  towards KCL Radio over the last two years. 


KCL600 invert.png

I think it's fair to say that our logo has changed considerably over the years... (how cheesy are some of these?!!)
Our current logo has been in use, in a number of design variants, since 2016.

Copyright © KCL Radio 2023.
KCL Radio is part of KCLSU, a registered charity: No. 1136729.
Designed by Tash Bandara.

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