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Media Suite   ○   SE Wing - Bush House   ○   300 Strand   ○   London   ○   WC2R 1AE

You can contact the show that is currently on air through WhatsApp:

Send a WhatsApp text or voice note to: +44 207 848 2815

We are WhatsApp only - please do not dial directly as your call will not be answered but you may still be charged. If you would like to speak to us, please enclose your phone number and we will call you back.


If you have a query regarding:​

>  the music policy on KCL Radio, or you want to submit music, contact Rhea

>  your radio show, send your message to Tash

>  your podcast, get in touch with Clémence

>  social media, website, graphics, promotions, email Maisie

>  tech difficulties in the studio: consult our tech team

You can find our individual contact details here, or use the form opposite. 


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KCL Radio is part of KCLSU, a registered charity: No. 1136729.
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